UPDATED: 2/24/24

Boston, MA -- Circufiber Inc., makers of the world’s most scientifically advanced diabetic socks, announced today that it had achieved successful results in a clinical trial at Yale University’s School of Medicine in New Haven, CT. The trial sought to prove that exposure to infrared light generated from the body and emitted and reflected from the thermoreactive particles in Circufiber socks can augment circulation in the feet and lower legs of diabetic subjects.

“In this trial we were able to show a statistically significant treatment effect of the Circufiber socks when compared to placebo socks,” said Adam Mayerson, M.D., Associate Chief of Medicine at Yale-New Haven Hospital and author of the published, peer-reviewed study.

“Every advancement we can make in improving circulation is a valuable tool in the ongoing quest to improve the outcomes of people living with diabetes mellitus.”

The study measured the transcutaneous oximetry (TcPO2) levels across multiple areas of the body while wearing Circufiber textiles and while wearing placebo textiles. The results showed a statistically significant improvement in the TcPO2 levels of subjects while wearing Circufiber’s mineral-infused socks.

“We started Circufiber in 2019 with the goal of improving people’s lives through innovative products and research-backed science,” said Jim Calhoun, Founder and CEO of Circufiber. “We were shocked at the prevalence of debilitating foot pain in the world and set out to design and engineer socks that could address this life-altering issue and help to promote wellness and increased activity. The results of the trial at Yale are such a powerful assurance to our consumers that there is rigorous scientific study in all of our products.”

The results of the trial were recently published (both print and online editions) in Diabetes & Vascular Disease Research, a peer-reviewed medical journal based in the United Kingdom.

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Founded in 2019, Circufiber’s mission is to improve the lives of people living with diabetes. The FDA has designated Circufiber socks as Class 1 Medical Devices and General Wellness Products and the Company has received the prestigious Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medicine Association (APMA). Circufiber proudly manufactures its product in North Carolina.

We believe that our patent pending technology can help people living with diabetes. That's why we have partnered with one of the most respected research universities in the world to gather the scientific data to prove it.
A clinical trial to study the benefits of Circufiber® socks is currently being conducted at Yale University. We believe the data will prove scientifically that our Circulight® IR Technology improves local circulation in the lower leg and feet in diabetic patients. The trial was developed and is being conducted by Adam Mayerson, M.D., a leading endocrinologist and Associate Chief of Medicine at Yale New Haven Hospital. Check back for updates and results.