Circufiber Sock Fit Guide & Care Instructions


Socks, like shoes, are traditionally sized along a single dimension: the length of your foot from heel to big toe. At Circufiber® we know that feet, ankles, and legs come in all shapes and sizes. A proper fitting sock is critical to keeping your feet free from blisters, chaffing, hot spots and general discomfort. According to leading podiatrists, choosing the right sock in the right size is among the most important factors for optimal circulation and overall foot health. We also know that you live a busy life and that buying socks should be one of the simplest things you do, so we’ve engineered what we call our Flex-Stretch design into every pair of Circufiber socks to ensure your socks fit your feet properly. Our Flex-Stretch design incorporates a single seam construction, a unique relaxed cuff, and a cross-knit stretch pattern that provides fit and flexibility across all dimensions of your foot.


We embed our proprietary blend of minerals directly into our Circufiber® yarns, making Circulight® IR virtually indestructible. While no socks last forever, Circulight® IR won't wash out or wear out, giving you the same benefits each and every time you wear them. Circufiber® socks require no special washing or handling.