Our Purpose

We began Circufiber® in early 2019 with one goal: To make a difference in the lives of people living with diabetes. Each one of us at Circufiber has been touched by diabetes in some life-altering way. This mission is personal for all of us. Worldwide, one leg is amputated every 30 seconds due to advanced disease. As staggering as that statistic is, it doesn’t begin to capture the impact diabetes has on the families of those diagnosed. It doesn’t address the strain that diabetic care puts on our healthcare system. Or the economic impact of taking brilliant minds and creativity out of business and industry, forever limiting the contributions of so many people. We have been moved by seeing the destructive power of this disease, and we intend to change its trajectory by empowering the people who are wearing our products to take charge of their health— one pair of socks at a time.


Last year, Circufiber socks powered by Circulight® IR technology received medical device determination from the FDA. In early 2021, we’re partnering with Yale University on a groundbreaking trial to show what we believe will be the benefits our technology has on those living with the disease. We couldn’t be more excited or optimistic about the future.


None of us imagined that we would one day be working in the sock industry. The truth is we’re blessed to be in it, pushing the bounds at the crossroad of textiles and wellness. We’re driven by the knowledge that, together, we can do this. We believe that the path to a healthier, more fulfilling life begins with one small step. We invite you to join our community and take that first step with us.


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