More than 'Just White Socks': Where Style Meets Science

According to leading podiatrist, Dr. Frank Polun of National Foot & Ankle in Washington, DC, it is common for people living with all stages of diabetes to suffer from a variety of foot issues. Problems range from general fatigue, foot pain, sore arches, coldness or tingling like pins and needles to full blown neuropathy or nerve damage. Neuropathy happens because uncontrolled high blood sugar damages blood vessels and capillaries that provide oxygen to nerves. When nerves are deprived of oxygen it can be painful or cause complete loss of feeling.

Circufiber® socks are making a huge difference for people living with diabetes because of Circulight® IR yarn and their Show-Safety™ foodbed.

Circufiber® All-Day DiabeticSocks powered by Circulight® IR are engineered to promote a temporary increase in local circulation. A patent pending blend of minerals are embedded in into yarns that use natural body heat and re-emit it back into body in the form of infrared (IR) light. Infrared light stimulates Nitrous Oxide (NO) production in the mitochondria of cells. NO is a natural vasodilator and helps bring oxygen to blood vessels and capillaries. Circufiber® socks are designed keep things moving inside to make people living with diabetes feel good enough to keep moving on the outside. Movement can really help prevent serious foot issues!

For many people living with more advanced complications of diabetes, including neuropathy, it is possible to lose some or all feeling in the lower legs and feet. Diabetes can also cause weaker, drier skin. In these cases, a health care provider will recommend wearing only white socks and wearing them all the time. The reason for this is because numbness could prohibit feeling a serious injury or cut on a foot and poor circulation poses a higher risk for infection and slower healing. Leaving an injury untreated can be devastating and in the worst case be a cause for amputation. A white sock provides a visual cue that something isn’t ok. Dr. Polun affirms that this is where Circufber’s simple but innovative Show-Safety™ footbed makes a huge difference. People living with serious complications or foot issues from diabetes can safely wear more stylish, dark colored socks without the risk of missing the evidence of a foot wound or injury.  Signs of a cut or scrape will be detected on socks with the Show-Safety™footbed. Just the insides of these dark socks are knit with white Circulight® IR yarn to provide visual cues, anti-microbial and thermoregulating properties, and protective padding that has been clinically shown to reduce pain, blisters, moisture, and pressures.

People living with diabetes can say goodbye to only wearing plain white socks!