Fit Assist

Choosing the right size sock is so important for optimal circulation and overall foot health. 

Socks, like shoes, are traditionally sized along a single dimension: the length of your foot from heel to big toe. At Circufiber, we know that feet, ankles and legs come in all shapes and widths and a proper fitting sock is critical in keeping your feet free from blisters, chaffing, hot spots and general discomfort. According to leading podiatrists, choosing the right sock in the right size is among the most important factors for optimal circulation and overall foot health.

We also know that you live a busy life and that buying socks should be one of the simplest things you do, so we’ve engineered what we call our Flexible Fit design into every pair of Circufiber® socks to ensure your socks fit your feet properly. Our Flexible Fit incorporates a single seam construction, a unique relaxed cuff, and a cross-knit stretch pattern that provides fit and flexibility across all dimensions of your foot.

Circufiber® All-Day diabetic socks are engineered to fit comfortably around the foot, ankle and lower leg. They should remain in position on the leg without feeling constricting or too tight. If you experience any binding, compression or tightness when wearing Circufiber® All-Day diabetic socks, please contact us at and we’ll get you into the correct size for your feet and legs.

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Sizing FAQs

What size should I choose?

For simplicity, our sock sizes do correspond to shoe sizes. So if you wear a women's US size 7 shoe, you will wear a size medium (M) in our Circufiber®  All-Day diabetic socks. If you wear a men's US size 10 shoe, you should choose size large (L).

What if I have wide feet?

Not to worry! Our socks are made to stretch and return! That means that the same size L sock can accommodate a man's shoe size 10M or 10W with a fit that is just right. Our single-seam construction and unique relaxed cuff design mean comfort and flexibility from your toes to your calf no matter what size you wear.

Do you have specific questions about fit?

Email your questions to us at We are here to help.